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Indonesia Travel Advisory
by: Editorial Team

o The Climate:
Indonesia’s equatorial tropical climate has only two seasons, the dry season between April and October, and the rainy season from November to March. The rainfall varies from island to island and often from area to area.

The average daily temperature in the lowlands is about 30 degrees Celcius, and is considerably lower in the mountains.

o Cuisine:
Aromatic spices and a variety of hot chili peppers are the essence of most Indonesian dishes. Rice is an important part of the national diet for most of the archipelago, but in the eastern islands corn, sago, cassava and sweet potatoes are more common. The enormous wealth of the surrounding seas and oceans, as well as fresh water fisheries, provides an abundance of sea food which can be traditionally served in a number of exciting ways, including baked in banana leaves.

As the population of Indonesia is predominantly Moslem, pork is usually not served except in Chinese, international restaurants, and non Moslem regions such as Bali and Papua. An extensive assortment of tropical and sub-tropical fruit and vegetables can also be found year-round to tantalize your taste buds.

If you are a Muslim, please ask the restaurant whether they serve Pork. Many restaurants tend to be quite liberal with the word “halal”. During our visit to Indonesia, Jakarta, many restaurants say that they are halal even though they serve pork.

o Clothing:
Dress is normally casual and light clothing is advisable due to the hot, humid climate. Trousers or slacks and shirts are generally considered appropriate but a jacket and tie are required formal occasions or when making official calls. For some formal occasions, long-sleeved batik shirts are acceptable.

For travel to mountain areas, a light sweater or jacket is recommended. Halter tops and shorts are frowned upon in most places except around sports facilities or on the beach. Proper decorum should especially be observed when visiting places of worship.

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