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Indonesia » Travel Tips » Indonesia Airport Tax
Indonesia Airport Tax
by: Editorial Team

o Customs:
Customs allow one litre of alcoholic beverages, 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 100g of tobacco and a reasonable amount of perfume per adult. Cameras, video cameras, portable radios, cassette recorders, binocular and sport equipment are admitted provided they are out on departure. They must be declared to Customs.

Prohibited are firearms, narcotic drugs, pornography, transceivers and cordless telephones. Chinese traditional medicines must be registered by Depkes RI. Films, pre-recorded video tapes and laser disks must be screened by the Censor Board. There is no restriction import or export of foreign and travelers cheques. However, the import and export of Indonesian currency exceeding Rp100 million is prohibited.

o Airport Tax:
An airport tax of Rp100.000 is levied by the airport authority for travelers on international routes and Rp30.000 for those on domestic routes.

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